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Jac's River Adventure

Working alongside the FIRE Laboratory department at Swansea University, I designed and created Jac's River Adventure, a children's book to be shared in Swansea schools to educate children about the River Tawe. 

The team at FIRE lab have since created a website and video to share Jac's Adventure with people during the lockdown in Wales. You can view the website for Jac's River Adventure here.

You can find an article about Jac's River Adventure here.

Jac's River Adventure couldn't have been realised without Joelle. Her attention to detail and imagination created perfect visuals for Jac to explore during her river adventure.

Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley

Jac's River treasure map

The map was designed to be a pull out from the book to allow kids to explore the river in their own creative way with some cool things to look out for and find on their journey. 

Jac's River banner

The banner was designed for the schools to display the children's illustrations and interpretations of Jac's River Adventure.

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